Typesetting services in Delhi

Typesetting is the process of laying out the content of the book on to pages, ready for printing. A well-executed book layout helps in providing a pleasurable reading experience. Writing a book takes a lot of planning, hard work, and a lot of time, so the interior formatting and design should express the love and

Vipin Mishra

Hello friends, this is Vipin Mishra . I am from Kolkata. Working as area manager in Princess Jyotsana Softwares. I like playing Chess, Cricket and watching moves. My favorite actor – Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan My favorite actress –  Katrina Kaif Favorite song – Teri khushbu aur teri saasen Favorite Sportsman – Virendra Sehvag and

Satender Shaw

Hello friends, this is Satender Shaw . I am from Kolkata. My nick name is Satya. I am working as website designer in Princess Jyotsana Softwares. I like playing Candy Crush game and watching comedy shows on youtube. My favorite actor – Akshay Kumar My favorite actress –  Anushka Shetty Favorite song – phool tumhe