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After School Teacher Training is a platform for aspiring and working teaching professionals who can expect complete guidance from the experienced and qualified tutors, who possess profound knowledge that is appropriately pertinent to each teacher training course. An array of special education programs under categories like childcare, special needs, parenting, teaching assistant, health & safety,

Diploma course in teacher Training

In the Context of rapid Socio-economic, the present education system is not adequate to meet the growing demands of the diverdifying economy. It is therefore fekt that there is much need for growing children to have better systematic education by properly trained teachers. Thus, the Teacher Training should not be seen merely in terms of


INTRODUCTION Every child requires a strong psychological support, the right quantity and quality of learning and motivation blended with the motherly love and affection right from the grass root level so that his future gets shaped in an optimal way. This can only be accomplished if she gets a good teacher in the nursery level


INTRODUCTION It has been very often and rightly said that teaching is the noblest of all professions who handle the responsibility of shaping the future of a country. Teaching jobs exist in several tiers including primary school teaching, middle school and high school teaching and others. But the Montessori level teaching seems to be highly


The fundamental principle of scientific pedagogy must be, indeed, the liberty of the pupil; –such liberty as shall permit a development of individual, spontaneous manifestations of the child’s nature. If a new and scientific pedagogy is to arise from the study of the individual, such study must occupy itself with the observation of free children.

5 top reasons why you should make your child go to Montessori school

Montessori is the most effective teaching methodology. Providing the right education is so very important to children especially in their early days as these are their foundation period. Montessori schools use a scientific and uniform methodology used since past century. The principles of Maria Montessori are most effective teaching method to children across international countries.

11 reasons why Montessori education is better than traditional schools

MONTESSORI vs TRADITIONAL Teaching Methods Montessori Method :The teacher usually is more of a guide. The child determines learning by own interest. VS Traditional School: The teacher usually plays a central role . The child receives direction from the teacher and is suppose to abide by instructions. Montessori Method :Montessori kit allows children to explore.

Why Behala and Netaji Pre School is considered best pre school in Kolkata?

Kids are capable of demonstrating variety of capabilities like academic, dance, and music and artistic. All our pre-school theme plays emphasis on initiative, socializing and sharing. Children learn most importantly by taking their own decisions. Our pre-school methodology pays lot of attention to a child incorporating their own ideas and creativity. The pre-school takes special

Difference between Traditional and Montessori School Teacher

MONTESSORI TRADITIONAL In Montessori school teacher usually is more of a guide. The child determines learning as per their interest. In the traditional school teacher plays a central role. The child receives direction from the teacher and is suppose to follow the instructions. Montessori kits are unique and help children to explore. The child in