Dropdown binding with database in asp .net website

Dropdown binding with database in asp .net website Hello Friend , we learned how to bind a gridview and datagridview in asp .net website and desktop application respectively. Which is much easier. Now we learn how to bind a dropdown with database values like list of available employees to select under which new employee will

introduction of store procedure in mssql server

Hello friend, It is very bad habit and difficult to write separate sql query for each operation in sql query. The best solution for this problem is procedure . Procedure is similar to function which we will learn in next chapter, is collection of code which can be executed at any time. To create a procedure open

website-database connectivity using web.config

website-database connectivity using web.config Today, we will learn database connectivity using web.config <connectionStrings> property. The main advantage of using connection string in web.config are: Security– Web.config file is the configuration file which stores all the server setting required for the web application. And IIS server never allows to browse or view web.config file through browser. So

Basic Login website without database connectivity

Basic Login website without database connectivity Hello Friends, Today We will make a basic login website in which we will use two text boxes and three labels and a button. Here is the design of the website. If you dont know how to create a website please follow our previous post “hello word asp .net

simple calculator windows .net application and use of try catch

This is a next video after hello world application and in this video we will see how to use basic math operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. Also here we learn use of “try and catch” module to handle exception occurring during division operation when we will try to divide any number by 0.