HEALTH AWARENESS CAMPS The society conducted many awareness programs in the areas of District Varanasi. People were informed about problems like Diabetes, AIDS, Blood Pressure, Heart Pressure, Cancer and many other health related problems and also distributes first medical aids to the poor people. Sushma Foundation organize medical camps with the help of reputed doctors


In this program, one to one interaction with the women living in rural areas through various platforms were created for the purpose of the Women Self Help Groups and Mahila Panchayatas. The program envisages for support and Counseling so that they are given oral and educational support at times of distress and to fight against

NGO in Varanasi- Sushma Foundation

SUSHMA FOUNDATION is a registered Trust which is registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 bearing registration number 101/2011 date 20th April 2011, that was established by a group of Social workers with the basic objective of serving as a change among the people at large in a positive direction retaining however all that is noble