Top 4 Personal Hygiene tips you must follow – Part 1 Cleansing Tips

We all know personal hygiene is one of the most important factors for good health. Most aspects of personal hygiene are common for both men and women, but women have slightly different personal hygiene routines than men. Women are built differently than men so their common lifestyle activities also differ to a huge extent. Females

How to combat brittle nails

Nails are one of the first things people notice, and who doesn’t want to make that first impression a lasting one? You would feel bad to be turned down because of bad nails right? We can understand your pain. While you cannot deny the fact that good nails are a work of long tedious care

How to find the best clay for your skin

When you are searching for skincare ingredients which will actually work for your skin, clay doesn’t cross your mind for sure, but clays are well known for their brilliant purifying and cleansing properties. If you do a bit of research you can also find that clays were used in the past as well for skincare

Beauty for your horoscope – Scorpio

The epitome of fierce, sexy, passionate, and fun, scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. The Scorpio woman always wants to look her best in every situation. Their personality is addictive which easily draws people in. Scorpio women are fantastic with beauty products as they are by nature perfectionists. Their fashion sense is eccentric

How to Dress for Indian Weddings

Glamour, great food, customs and a bunch of traditional ceremonies- this is what a big fat Indian wedding is all about. If you are lucky to be going to an Indian wedding, then you must take good care of your dressing and outfit, the rest will be taken care of on its own! Indian weddings

How to Look Beautiful

It has been a birth right of every woman since the ancient times to look beautiful. However, to look beautiful, there are a lot of things that must be taken care of to pull off every look like a pro. Looking beautiful is not that tough. You will just need to work on some basic