create a cursor in ms sql server

create a cursor in ms sql server Cursor is used to fetch records(rows) from any table sequentially and records can be manipulated, calculated as per your need. To create a cursor use this sql query: declare cursor_name cursor for select id from tbl_Category open cursor_name fetch next from cursor_name into @Id while @@fetch_status=0 begin insert into table_name(id) values

website-database connectivity using web.config

website-database connectivity using web.config Today, we will learn database connectivity using web.config <connectionStrings> property. The main advantage of using connection string in web.config are: Security– Web.config file is the configuration file which stores all the server setting required for the web application. And IIS server never allows to browse or view web.config file through browser. So

insert, delete and update queries using mssql server

Insert Query insert into table_name(column1,column2,column3,column4) values(value1,value2,value3,value4) We can also use design view to insert values into table. If you dont know how to create a table please follow the previous post create a table in mssql server . Just Right click on the Table_name in which you need to insert the table and select open table. Now put the

hello word asp .net website

Hello friends!! Today I am starting tutorial of basic asp .net web application development using c# scripting language. And I will show you how we can develop a very basic web application which will just use basic controls. Open Visual Studio and click to file: Now click on New and select web site : You

create a table in mssql server

To create a table in sql server we cam follow two steps: Design View Using Query window   Design View Click to open sql server management studio and login to the server. Then select database by expanding database section If you dont have any database then create it by right clicking on database and then

Excel Sheet in C# .net windows application(ReoGrid)

Excel Sheet in C# .net windows application(ReoGrid) Create Spreadsheet Control Add Control by Form Designer in Visual Studio Right-click on Toolbox panel, click ‘Choose Items…’ Choose .NET Framework Components tab Click ‘Browse…’ button Choose unvell.ReoGrid.dll in open file dialog Click ‘OK’ to close the dialog Choose the Control appeared in Toolbox and drag it into designer,