introduction of store procedure in mssql server

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It is very bad habit and difficult to write separate sql query for each operation in sql query. The best solution for this problem is procedure .

Procedure is similar to function which we will learn in next chapter, is collection of code which can be executed at any time.

To create a procedure open sql server, log in and expand database and browse your database. Follow the picture:

create store procedure
create store procedure

Right click Stored Procedures and and select create store procedure . Write the following query to create a store procedure.

Create procedure [dbo].[sp_FetchAdminLogin]
@task varchar(300),
@ID int,
@UserName varchar(max),
@Password varchar(max)
select Id,UserName,Password from dbo.AdminLogin where UserName=@UserName and                              Password=@Password

General format to create a store procedure is:

create procedure procedure_name(parameter1,parameter2,..)



query 1

query 2




To execute the procedure write following query:

exec procedure_name parameter1,parameter2

Happy coding


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