Popular quotes of the greatest Indian philosopher Ravindra Nath Tagore

Popular quotes of the greatest Indian philosopher Ravindra Nath Tagore

  1. People can die but their words will resound forever! We list out 10 great quotes from the legend Rabindranath Tagore, which if you follow will sort your life
  2. One has to step in the water to test the rough waves. Stand tall and try to cope up with your problems. This is the only solution to deal with your fears as well as obstacles in your success path!
  3. Make use of your education by implementing practical decisions in life. This will ease your path of life
  4. Sometimes in life we have to ditch the logic and follow what our heart says. It does a balm effect on our lives
  5. Start your day with a fresh energy. Everything can be an inspiration around us – even a small baby.
  6. Enjoy the moments more than the time spent. Moment keep memories alive all through your life
  7. Be fearless. Fight against the odds. Because it is the fighters who survive the war
  8. Loving someone does not mean that you have gained an ownership of that person. Ensure freedom and love shall never fade or die!
  9. Our presumptions about life match rarely with the realities. The truth is that when we give some love we receive the same
  10. There can be many stories to prove the truth but the TRUTH is only one! Face it. Deal with it

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