Aage Badhhate Rahana (By Sugandh Jee)

Aage Badhhate Rahana (By Sugandh Jee)

Ye malyaj, ye bahte nir,
sun tujhse kya kahte hai,
aage hi bas badhhte rahna,
jaise ye sab badhhte hai ,

Aage Badhhate Rahana (By Sugandh Jee)
na kuchh aur pane ki ichchha,
na ho kuchh khone ka gam,
tujhko bas manjil pana hai,
pakar hi tum lena dam,
ye sangharsh hi jiwan hai,
datkar tum sangharsh karo,
bhale hi kuchh na ho hasil, par,
sahas par tum harsh karo,
gar tum rahe adig, awichal,
saphalata tumhe jaroor milegi,
ek din aisa aayega jab,
prakharata tumhare kadam chumegi.


Special thanks to the poetess Miss  Sugandh Jee

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