Want to write something- Choose a Blogging Site?

What is blogging?

If you are a writer and want to write something online rather than posting it on any social site, make your own blog(Website or web page uniquely known with your identity). And there are a lot of options for blogging.

You can choose one of them like google blogger(blogger.com) or wordpress(These twos are the most used blogging platform.

Here comes which is better for writing and user friendly?

As per taste and features rich-ability wordpress is better as is providing separate download copy of the wordpress so that you can run wordpress on your hosting server(where your website data will be stored and the website will run) otherwise the default server of wordpress.com is used to run the website. .

But as per user reach-ability(audience) which is a process known as search engine optimization google’s blogger.com is more preferable as  google firstly shows their results(means their website) then others.

How to create a blogging site using Google?

Firstly visit blogger.com and sign up for your frsh blogging site and choose title and category of your blogging site and select a theme, and the final step publish your blog. Now it is ready to post your first blog. Just put a title and write the blog on the details section. You can focus the keywords(the list of words which describes your website in some words) to attract relative audience to your blog by mentioning tags in the tag section. Publish your post and enjoy blogging.

How to create a blogging site using WordPress?

Visit wordpress.com and signup for the blog. They will ask for a domain name which will be free if you choose one of the sub-domain of wordpress.com like xyz.wordpress.com. You can buy domain for a minimal charge and then choose username and password and select theme. Now your wordpress website is ready to use. You need to customize your website as per your requirement like menu selection, page creation to describe some information like who is the author, what is the blog about, contact us etc. Now save and publish all the stuff and you are done.

Create post and enjoy the blogging.

Thank you

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