NowOye new generation E-Shopping website


Now oye is a new label which focuses on creativity, fun and unique concept. We focus on

creating new and different projects which would suit the tastes of the buyers and yet at the

same time sell and bring much profit home. We are always there to add the fun factor to your

works. Now oye is thoroughly professional at the same time we guarantee that your shop

would not be the typical and boring corporate type and your clients would feel happily at par

with the standards you set for the shop. We like to assist corporates with various projects and

if standing out in the crowd is your aim, then we are always there to help you.

What can we do?

At new oye, we have several services that you may wish for.

1. We give attractive concessions when you buy our merchandise in bulk at new oye.

2. Logo designing and placing this logo on our product. This can work particularly for

lifestyle products. Adding our logo to your product would help us mutually profit.

3. We help with customization and specific design needs. Designing is our passion and

we undertake every type of design requirement.

4. We also will put your designs in our product. Mutual understanding will help us both

prosper with the deal.

5. If you have just design requirement only and not need merchandise, we provide such

service as well.

6. We are also more than interested to partner with charitable organisations and help to

raise various funds.

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NowOye new generation E-Shopping website
NowOye new generation E-Shopping website

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