Durgapur website development company

Durgapur Website development company

Best website development company in Durgapur and west bengal area. We Princess Jyotsana Softwares also known as PJS or PJSINDIA are serving for a long time in Durgapur and entire India with quality products, services with minimal charges. We offer following services:


  1. Dynamic website Durgapur
  2. static website Durgapur
  3. ecommerce website Durgapur
  4. crm website Durgapur
  5. shopping website Durgapur
  6. institute website Durgapur
  7. hostipatal website Durgapur
  8. mlm website Durgapur
  9. classified website Durgapur
  10. ngo website Durgapur
  11. informational website Durgapur
  12. gym website Durgapur
  13. salone website Durgapur
  14. company website  Durgapur
  15. clinic website Durgapur
  16. directory submission website Durgapur


  1. billing software Durgapur
  2. payroll software Durgapur
  3. admin software Durgapur
  4. hospital management software Durgapur
  5. medicine management software Durgapur
  6. institute management software Durgapur
  7. library management software Durgapur
  8. bulk mail sending software Durgapur
  9. email marketing software Durgapur
  10. sms sending software Durgapur
  11. online marketing software Durgapur

Graphics Design:

  1. logo design Durgapur
  2. 2d animated logo design Durgapur
  3. 3d animated logo design Durgapur
  4. gif animation logo design Durgapur
  5. banner design Durgapur
  6. hording design Durgapur
  7. brochure design Durgapur
  8. ebook design Durgapur
  9. pamplet design Durgapur
  10. graphics design Durgapur
  11. creative design Durgapur

Search Engine Optimization

  1. social site bookmarking
  2. directory submission
  3. article posting
  4. back link creation
  5. onsite seo
  6. traffic exchange

Mobile application

  1. Mobile friendly website development Durgapur
  2. Android app development
  3. Shopping android development Durgapur

Bulk sms

  1. transactional sms service Durgapur
  2. bulk sms service Durgapur
  3. promotional sms service Durgapur
  4. sms software service Durgapur

Online payment gateway

  1. online payment for shopping software Durgapur
  2. online payment for shopping website Durgapur
  3. online payment for ecommerce website Durgapur
  4. online payment for school website Durgapur
  5. online payment for institutewebsite Durgapur
For more details please contact us:
Princess Jyotsana Softwares
Email: support@pjsindia.com
Web: www.pjsindia.com
Mobile: 8981881162 or 9883527390
Address: Kolkata 700142
Durgapur website development company
Durgapur website development company

Durgapur web development company

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