Bain Wellness Services

Bain Wellness Services

With a hardcore team of more than 150 doctors, numerous renewed pathological labs, and innovative marketing team, BWS is the future of healthcare industry. We at Bain Wellness Services committed to provide quality healthcare and valuable experience to all domestic and international patients. A team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals who have rich knowledge and experience in their respective domains supports our healthcare offerings.

What 21stcentury patients requires:

Managing the expectations: expectations is crucial for ensuring delivery of healthcare of the highest quality, most common expectation of the of patients include

  • The need to be listened to
  • The need to receive clear explanation and instructions about their condition
  • To be treated by staff who show care/concern/compassion and
  • To be treated by staff who are professional in their work


Patient-centered health care: 

Expectations it involves navigating the healthcare system through patients’ eyes. BWS represents customized patient care, viewed as a commitment to treat and manage patients as thinking and feeling persons with the ability to change and develop. The approach is divided in three ways:

  • Respect for patient values, preferences, and expressed needs: this is crucial as many patients feel that they lose their identity as individuals when they come tohospital and become “one of the cases.” They feel the importance to be recognized as unique and to be actively involved in decision-making relating to their care and treatment.
  • The coordination and integration of care: patients feel vulnerable when they are faced with illnesses and they feel the need for competent and caring healthcare personnel.
  • Information, communications, and education: adequate information must be shared with patients and this would include clinical, management, and even prognostic information.

Value based health care:

Care value-based system is one where the focus is on value and in rewarding innovation that advances treatment. Most common principals of value based health care includes:

  • Understanding that the goal is value for patients
  • Organizing practice around conditions and care cycles
  • Results must be measured


Register as a member in

  • Registration of family
  • Updating family history
  • E vault
  • Membership card
  • Access your health data, anytime anywhere
  • Patient portal

Book your appointment:

Booking of doctors as per your requirement and convenience

  • On call, 24x 7x 365
  • Online
  • On app
  • Auto reminder

Counseling program: 

  • Attractive discounts
  • Lifestyle & stress counseling
  • Smart parenting classes
  • Women’sspecialty counseling
  • Diet, exercise, yoga, meditation


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