Montessori School in Behala

After School, the best Montessori School in Behala

We understand, as a parent, you would be anxious about your child’s well-being all the time; especially when he/she is away from home. It’s only natural to feel so. But we would like to assure you that you need not worry. At Eurokids,  our child-friendly environment and staff offer a second-home-like experience to your child.
We’re the early child care experts with 15+ years of experience in delivering complete development for children.  Through our expertise in understanding child behaviour and taking inspiration from the Harvard University’s Centre on The Developing Child we’ve developed our curriculum is designed to develop Executive Function Skills in children,which focus on building the capabilities essential for lifelong learning.
With its most modern curriculum, ‘Child first’ ideology, and child safety philosophy, Eurokids is the ideal place for your child to think,learn and grow.



576/A/17 Diamond Harbour Road

(opposite Ashoka Cinema)

Kolkata 700034

+91 9836289033

Netaji Nagar:

5/30A, Netaji Nagar

Kolkata 70040

+91 9836289033


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