In this program, one to one interaction with the women living in rural areas through various platforms were created for the purpose of the Women Self Help Groups and Mahila Panchayatas. The program envisages for support and Counseling so that they are given oral and educational support at times of distress and to fight against their exploitation. Sushma Foundation have organised many women empowerment programs of short duration with respect to women’s interest in Teaching English Language to young Women, Education literacy Awareness, Women Health Awareness, Income generating skill training, Personality development, Awareness Raising Activities, Community Meetings with Housewives etc. With this we have achieved to cover more than 16,000 women as beneficiaries from different parts of East Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi and near by locations). SUSHMA FOUNDATION has long-term strategy for the empowerment of poor women through increased access and control over material and resources and building confidence among them to raise issues of common concern.


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