Kafe Barista Drip Coffee 10 sachets (One Box)

  • Drip brewing, filtered coffee, or pour-over is a method which involves pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans contained in a filter, creating the beverage called coffee. Water seeps through the ground coffee, absorbing its oils and essences, solely under gravity, then passes through the bottom of the filter. The used coffee grounds are retained in the filter with the liquid dripping into a collecting vessel such as a carafe or pot.
  • Here is no need to buy a machine which costs a lot of money and is more time consuming. Kafebarista is not instant coffee in a teabag. It is pure coffee to give you an enriching experience.
  • Expiry: Best before 12 months from the date of packeging
  • Directions: 1) Open it 2) Place it 3) Pour hot water and soak it for few seconds 4) Add sugar and milk to taste
10 sachets
  • 10 sachets
    from   Rs. 195.00 Buy Now
  • 20 sachets
    from    Rs 390.00 Buy Now
  • 40 sachets
    from    Rs 780.00 Buy Now

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