Preventive Health Solutions in Durgapur and Asansol, West Bengal

Family n Health

Family Health Solutions (Family n Health) started in 2014 providing homeopathy solutions to over 5000 patients. We take pride in sharing that all our patients have experience caring experience with us and come back with their family and friends with smile for health solutions.

• Prevention is better than cure, we know it – now it is the time to take the right step for Preventive Health measures .

• Child Care: Early ages in Child growth requires immunities to be built to protect him/her from catching many regular diseases. Click here to read more about various growth stages of a new born to early 5 years. If you observe any deficiency in child’s growth – you need to seek right consultancy & intervention. Click here to know more.

• Old Age Care: People in their Old Ages need health interventions more than ever. Joint Pains, Diabetes and lack of immunity are main causes of concern. Click here to know more about preventive health solutions for Old Age health issues.

• Hair Care: Who, both men & women, doesn’t like to look and feel good? Hair is one of most important part of How we look. Right care and timely treatment can avoid a baldness like situation. Click here for hair care solutions.

• Women Care: With increase in nuclear family concept, no longer Grand Ma’s home remedy available to young and working women. They need right consulting pre and post marriage, during pregnancy and for various gynecological & sex related issues. Click here to know more.

Other Lifestyle related Health Issues: Click here to know more

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