School Health Camp in Durgapur and Asansol

Family Health Solutions (Family n Health)

• All round health check up for School going children, 4 quarterly camps conducted in a year through our expert empaneled Doctors and Specialist.

• Full Body General Checkup: Through general Checkup of the child and health report by the General Physician highlighting if there is need to further check up according to the age. Whether the child’s growth is in right pattern in his/her age cycle.

• Eye Check: Earlier only a fraction % of children in the class had poor eyesight. However with excessive exposure to Mobile Phones, TV and Computers there has been a gradual increase in number of kids requiring spectacles. Regular checkup of Eyesight ensures remedial actions to be taken at the right time.

• Dental Health: Essentials to educate Kids to maintain Oral hygiene regularly.

• Nutrition consultancy: Children are indulging in western style Fast Food, Chocolates, Carbonated / packaged drinks and other unhealthy diet practices leading to obesity and other health issues. Balanced Diet is essential for good growth and sharp minds.


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