Why Behala and Netaji Nagar are the best Montessori and Pre School in Kolkata for your child

The brain of the child is most active during early age as the child grows. Child is in the process of absorbing. The environment of the Montessori school is such that child is able to use all five senses to stimulate self learning. In early age, the children go through the process of forming first impression of own nature and general impressions of external environment which can last for life time. The Montessori methodology is of self-concept learning, taking independent decisions and self-reliance.

The Environment of Montessori Schools

The Montessori schools of Euro Kids in Kolkata at Tollygunge and Behala provides safe and comfortable learning experience fostering discovery. The Montessori environment nourishes children and are designed to meet self construction of the children with emphasis on growth of an individual personality.
The schools have adequate Montessori materials to develop observation techniques and basic problem solving. The specialized Montessori materials with trained Montessori teachers provide children with stimulating learning environment. The children love the discovery method of learning with high self respect and dignity. Children learn to develop inner resources and cope up with external world with complete harmony.

The authentic Montessori environments works on the following principles:

Children in the Montessori learning environment get an opportunity to learn from each other and socialize.

  • Children get opportunity to learn at their pace with complete freedom.
  • Montessori learning environment encourages children to learn by discovering things by themselves. Children explore independently.
  • Children discover self-hidden talents and respect through Montessori learning methodology.
  • Montessori learning environment fosters children to respect others, they get the sense of community feeling and the environment.

We have the best trained  Montessori Teacher 

The role and responsibilities of trained Montessori are different that of traditional teacher. The trained teacher’s makes best use of Montessori materials so as children are able to use the materials most effectively. The teacher helps children to make freedom of choice and independent decisions. Children’s decisionare expected to reflect sense of responsibility. Teacher acts as a guide to facilitate children’s learning. Children are given tasks to perform and allowed the freedom to set the pace of the class. Teachers are trained to deal with patience while dealing with child.

 The Montessori Classroom of our play school are state of art

In Montessori classroom is described as a place where children can move freely, intelligently and voluntarily without any obstacles. The children are given liberty to choose the activity of their choice. The six basic components to the Montessori classroom are concepts of freedom, beauty and atmosphere, structure, reality and nature, development of community life and Montessori materials.

The Montessori class is such where innovations are encouraged and constituted with the spirit of constant experimentation of learning by observing each child so as learning becomes a life skill.

Unlike traditional class, Montessori children freely talk to each other and initiate activities together with complete freedom. The class room environment fosters social life and community feeling amongst children.

Montessori Materials:

These are unique and scientifically designed for auto education of children. They are divided into four categories the daily living exercises involving physical care and environment, thesensory, the academic, the cultural and artistic materials.The material helps as educational tool and refinement of senses: tactile, visual, auditory, thermic, gustatory, baric, sterognostic, chromatic and olfactory. The usage of materials helps in development of the intelligence of the children.

Few of other Montessori materials include pink tower, cylinder block, geometric cabinet, color tablet, touch tablet, baric sense tablet, sand paper letter, movable alphabet, number cards,  addition and subtraction cards. 

Discover 7 unique benefits of Montessori educational philosophy in Kolkata Behala and Netaji Nagar School

  1. Focuses on Key Developmental Stages

Children develop skills as per Montessori learning life cycle basis their growing age.

Young children (2-4years) –        Muscle and Language skills

Children          (4-6 years) –       Motor Skills, art and craft and activities

Older Children –                         Workshops, events and trips

  1. Encourages Cooperative Play

In Montessori methodology unlike other schools teachers do not run the class. It is the students who through their activities guides the class. Children are encouraged to respect each other and experience the essence of community bondness.

  1. Learning Is Child-Centered

Children are independent and learn at their own pace. In the Montessori environment furniture and class rooms are designed to suit the requirements and comforts of the children. Children are given complete freedom to work on activities they are comfortable with.

  1. Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline

The Montessori methodology builds and develops concentration, self control with self discipline. The child is aided with developing discipline through constructive work. Child is given clear understanding of good and evil.

  1. Learning Method Inspires Creativity

Children are allowed freedom to choose the activity with their own pace, creativity in classroom is highly encouraged. Children learn to enjoy the task without focus on end results but more in the process.

Exposure to modern methods and cultures encourages children to broaden their thought process and concepts in variety ways.

  1. Montessori System is Highly Individualized to Each Student

The beauty of Montessori education is that children have complete freedom to explore the activities and learn at their own terms.  Children are simulated to accept challenges in each of their performing tasks so the learning becomes life lasting.

  1. Montessori Curriculum

One of the reasons why Montessori education is so unique is its focus on hands on learning. Participant’s works on activities to learn language, math, culture and practical life skills. Teacher’s encourages students to concentrate on tasks and complete them independently.


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Kolkata 700034

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Netaji Nagar:

5/30A, Netaji Nagar

Kolkata 70040

+91 9836289033

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