METAL STITCHING service provider


It is a Cold repair service, executed on all India basis as well as abroad by adopting the technology of Lock-N-Stitch Inc., USA. Cold Metal Stitching is a method for the repair of machinery & equipment both iron and steel, which has been cracked or fractured. We have specialized in repairing of various equipments which includes Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, all sorts of Heavy Machineries & Machine Tools like Boring,Milling, Press & Vertical Leathe. Also Compresser body-cylinder, Turbine casing, Girthgear including Teeth etc. using the consumables of Lock-N-Stitch Inc. USA.

Initially the visible and invisible cracks are identified.Holes are drilled across the crack length at suitable intervals.Locks of a special material are inserted into the holes.Specially designed Pins are placed along the length of crack overlapping each other to ensure a leak –proof repair.


  • Cold repair method, causes no distortion in workpiece.
  • Full strength can be restored.
  • Expensive re-machining requirements are low.
  • Inherent stress in casting is relieved.
  • Dismantling is rarely necessary.
  • Provides Co-efficient of expansion in relation to repaired metals.
  • Gas/Liquid proof repair.
  • Withstand with high temperature and pressure.

Call 9831119259 / 9433035767 / 9864051739 for more details.


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