Beauty for your horoscope – Scorpio

Beauty for your horoscope - Scorpio

The epitome of fierce, sexy, passionate, and fun, scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. The Scorpio woman always wants to look her best in every situation. Their personality is addictive which easily draws people in. Scorpio women are fantastic with beauty products as they are by nature perfectionists. Their fashion sense is eccentric so you might see them wearing outfits other zodiac women would never dare to wear. In simple words we can say scorpio girls are super confident, proud, and always wear their confidence on their sleeve, true wonder woman!

So today we are here with few beauty tips for November’s horoscope- Scorpio.

Eyes – Bold and Beautiful

Scorpio women tend to look ravishing in the smoky eye look. Scorpio women naturally have very charming eyes, so playing with those eyes are a must for a scorpio woman. Go for any smokey eye looks and experiment until you find your favorite color match. Big, bold and beautiful eyebrows look ravishing on a scorpio woman. You can easily achieve this look with a good quality eyebrow pencil and perfect dose of eyebrow powder in the right shade. Wear metallic eyeshadows to brighten up those already sexy eyes. These types of bold eyeshadows instantly accentuate those sultry eyes. Metallic blues, greys, silvers, bronzes, and golds, you should try out all before settling for the right one. But whatever you do, don’t overdo it. You should use your natural beauty to your advantage and play with your already gorgeous features. Also remember, less is more. So keep it easy. Slay perfectly!

Face – Beauty at its best

Your face is the first thing that is noticed, so highlight them, make a lasting impression wherever you go. Use a contouring kit or a double-ended pencil to highlight the angles of your face and cheekbones.

Cheeks – Touch of elegance

Keep it mute because you speak elegance. Try out creamy blush in shades of pink or coral to add a hint of colour to the apples of your cheeks. Pretty already!

Lips – Perfect Mix

Your lips should not make a strong statement because that’s what scorpio woman is all about. Pair your striking looks with sheer lips. Bold red or baby pink, a sheer wash of colour is just perfect.

Nails – Sophisticated and Pretty

Fall colours look perfect for your nails. You can choose a dark burgundy shade to appeal your sophisticated nature and show the world that you are the boss and you mean business, a serious one!

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