On Line Leak Sealing process


Leak sealing is a process to overcome the problems of sealing leaks without interrupting the production line by creating a moulded gasket through injecting Thermo setting compound. Over the last 15 years Eka Press has applied the Leak Sealing process in continuous Process Plant in India and in each case the production process continued whilst the leaks were sealed. Over the years a good amount of money have been saved by our customers not only by saving production but also preventing erosion damage caused by leaks.The process involve sealing of Leaks from sources like Flange joint, Bonnets, Valve glands,Heat exchanger joints, Pipe lines etc.and based on the principle of forming a pressure moulded seal “In-situ”, without shut down, using sealants which are generally Thermo setting in nature and compatible with line contents and parameters.

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