Let’s Ban those Consultancies and put them across to people…

Today, I received a call from a recruitment company. She asked me whether I am looking for a Job. Before I could answer anything she continued in a free spree of stating that she has HR Jobs in Wipro,TCS, Infosys, Accenture and HCL. I asked so many companies have senior position HR Positions and its really surprising. I did ask what’s the JD and role you have in those positions as you have given a generalised company names. She said we will share JD once you register with us by paying 15000Rs and will also help in getting jobs as they have contacts in those companies Took a while to recover from what she said. I just asked do you know what profession am into and do you know what am working as and at least whom you are talking too. She bluntly cut the call then. Wondering when people like us who are in HR Profession are also being exploited with Job offers for cash registrations. Just think about freshers and candidates who are struggling to get jobs. How much exploitation they must be going through in hands of money making recruiment consultancies Let’s Ban those Consultancies and put them across to people to report or block them.

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