My Uber driver

My Uber arrived and I was ready to leave for the airport, I boarded my Uber and was greeted with a smile (which isn’t that common). Saw my driver who was formally dressed with his blazer hanging over his seat.

I re-checked with him are you sure you have come for me or am in the wrong vehicle. To which he smiled and said “sir am here for your pickup”. On the way I asked him does he get dressed formally every day or there’s something special today, to which he replied “Sir once I drop you at the airport I have an interview lined up at an MNC”.

I was bit taken back although I am not saying shocked I asked him what were his qualifications and back ground. To which he said he’s an engineer plus an MBA from a reputed college and was laid off few months back, since then he has been searching for jobs and it’s not that he is running out of cash he’s doing this job just to get an insight of taxi aggregator market, actually he’s preparing himself for future job roles.

His rule was simple don’t wait for things to happen go out and make them happen.


Reference – LinkedIn

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