Google is celebrating Mahadevi Varma’s birthday

Today google launched a doodle on Mahadevi Varma.

Mahadevi Verma (27 April 1907-11 September 1987) was a Hindi poet, freedom fighter, woman’s rights activist and educationist from India. She is widely regarded as the “modern Meera”.She was a major poet of the Chhayavaad, a literary movement of romanticism in modern Hindi poetry ranging from 1914–1938[2] and a prominent poet in Hindi Kavi sammelans (Gatherings of poets).

She was the Principal, and then the Vice-Chancellor of Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth, a woman’s residential college in Allahabad.

While others used to play outside, me and Subhadra used to sit on a tree, and let our creative thoughts flow together…She used to write in Khariboli, and soon I also started to write in Khariboli…this way, we used to write one or two poems a day…

— Mahadevi Varma, Mere Bachpan Ke Din

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