Adventures of Fony Feather – Ashwin K. (Author)

Product description

Fony Feather has always been an adventurous fella. His life takes a swift turn when his parents decide to move to another city. New city, new school, new friends. Fony was settling in just fine till he enters the Mystery Villa. What all awaits for him and his friends? Go on a thrill-filled journey with Fony and his friends.

About the Author

Ashwin – An aspiring, enthusiastic, cute little author. He is 10yrs. old & studying in 5th Grade in VIBYGOR HIGH, Bangalore. He is a kid who runs behind his passion and puts his full heart and effort in making it happen. This book is a typical example of one such passions from him. He has a unique skill of his imaginations blended with real life scenarios, with which he brings the experience to reality with his words as well as drawings.
He had a habit of collecting feathers, whenever he goes for a walk in the park, and he got fascinated with the feathers and started naming them, and treated them as his imaginary friends. He wrote lots of small stories with these imaginary characters. Seeing all these, his literature teacher Ms. Shaila Ma’am encouraged him to continue with this, and a seeded the thought to write a book. It’s enlightening to see how Ashwin had a very clear plan on how he was going about this book. He had an initial plot of this story, vetted his thoughts with people before even he proceeded detailing out the story. Secondly, he spent time understanding, reading a lot about story writing, all the way up to how book publishing works. Finally he had drawn lots of pictures to explain the story. With all these details, plotting down the story was a cake walk for Ashwin. The story was almost ready, and here it is now in your hands for you to enrich the experience.

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