An emotional book, which consists of tumultuous feelings.

Life is all about choices & the choices we make shape our destiny, future & the path that lies ahead of us. For some it’s blissful, for others it’s cruel. Some may think it’s fair, some unfair. However, this is the law of nature, game of life. No matter what you do, no matter what you seek, this is the way of life, one has to accept it, respect it & cherish it for as long as they can.

Not having money can be the reason of unhappiness but having money can never be the reason of happiness.

Set in a chaotic environment, where the central character of the story is shattered amidst the circle of fake relationships, choices & pretentious facades.
The book deals with a variety of emotions, choices, decisions & feelings.
The book talks about marriage & relationships at the core & how a person overcomes it.

Cover is good. Though I felt it could have been designed a bit better.
Title is good, well chosen & cleverly matched with the plot in hand.
The entire book makes you emotionally attached to it, as the narration is poignant & touchy. The way the words flow along with the vocabulary reminds us of our lives & how we get engrossed in our day to day troubles.

Language is good, very well written. The choice of words & vocabulary is also fine. The book is interesting overall. However, the pace isn’t quite right, that is, it isn’t balanced to be precise. Often at times, I felt its fast paced whereas at other times it seems slow. Characterisation is done well. Sequential analysis seems a bit offbeat.
The book becomes monotonous at some stages. Nevertheless, it’s a delightful read.

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