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Strackworld(Saanvi Security Solution) not only as a simple tool to track objects online, but it can also be a lifesaver. The devices that are integrated with our systems can ensure tracking of almost any object be it vehicles, but also the track Life. Be it tracking of Children or even Pets, our services are very broadly designed to capture and serve all aspects that needs to be considered.

Our vastly experienced team of Developers, Analysts and Solution teams are committed, passionate and willing to be different and ready to provide tailor-made solutions to match any type of customer requirement.


Fleet Tracking System

Businesses that regularly deal with fleet transportation will require vehicle tracking system. This allows you to keep track of your vehicle, measure the progress and accordingly offer only the best results to your customers. When it comes to vehicle GPS tracker, we are the most reputed service providers in the system.

Car Tracking System

A car tracking system comes in handy when it comes to tracking your four wheeler. This tracking comes in handy when you or anyone from your family is using the car. Imagine a situation where your son is travelling by the car and does not come home at the usual time. You are worried sick but don’t have any choice except to wait for your child to receive the call or update you.

Bike Tracking System

Our bike tracking system can be used for personal or individual as well as commercial purposes. As we have already specified, the need of GPS tracking system can vary depending on the fleet. Basically, what we are trying to say is that even though the GPS tracker can help you track the performance of your sales staff or delivery staff, it can also be used on an individual level.

Truck Tracking System

If you are into the transport business, you would understand the importance of keeping track of your fleet. The traditional approach involved relying on the calls you made to the truck driver hoping he would give you accurate details about the whereabouts of the goods. But with the new truck tracking system by North East GPS, all these problems are solved.

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