Her Last Wish Book by Ajay K. Pandey

This book touched my heart and made me proud for Vijay who was a helpless husband as well as a ‘loser’ son at first but with time he tried every possible way to fulfill all the ‘weird wishes’ of his lady love and proved himself as a robust son of his parents with his golden heart. This is a true love story that proves again love can change everything. Love can make everything possible that seemed to be very impossible before.

Her Last Wish

As a reader I am really satiated by the way how the author successfully described those emotional situations from all aspects. It motivated me throughout the story and truly speaking now I am able to find out a ray of hope to fight all odds in my life with confidence.
So I would like to recommend the readers to have this book in your list because it is an inspirational and motivational story of true love as well as relationships.
This novel keeps the faith in me that true love is still alive in this earth.👌
– Aditi Roy, Kolkata

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