15 Advantages of After School Day Care Center

1. Day Care Centres provides formal and safe environment. The hygiene and professional care is given to each child. The caretaker’s are trained and supervised by the professional management.

2. As a parent you need be bothered with sick leaves of maids. Day Care centre remains open through out the week and month where regular child care is provided.

3. At times day care centre are more economical than hiring the maids on day basis.

4. Good and professional day care center provides trained staff. In our day care teachers are certified and maids are trained to nurture the child.

5. Good day care provides range of activities which are fun and learning for child like dancing, handwriting, summer camps, art and craft, story telling. After School day care centre provides life skills to each child.

6. Personal attention to each child is given . Special care of child’s food requirements are taken care.

7. Professional day care centre also provides emergency doctor’s help and regular health and nutrition guidance.

8. After School Day Care Centre is equipped with CCTV for security.

9. State of art infrastructure is equipped with book library, toys, refrigerator, oven, water purifiers, spacious rooms, play rooms, Montessori equipments, children gym and air conditioned rooms to take care of the comfort of the child.

10. Good day care centre teaches manners and bathroom habits to every child.

11. Day care centre provides children to socializing opportunity with other children.

Day care

12. After School Day Care also helps children in improving communication and spoken English.

13. Many parents have expressed satisfaction as professional care has helped their children in getting admissions in good schools.

14. Another big advantage of After School Day Care is that it has attached Euro Kids play school. Hence all our day care children are quick to develop skills taught in the school. They mingle with other children. The environment is of fun and joy. Every child wants to return back.

15. Our day care centre is a second home to child where each child’s personal attention is assured.

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