Euro Kids at Netaji Nagar Kolkata

As your child grows into pre-school age, your world will begin to open up. Euro Kids at Netaji Nagar Kolkata is the best for every preschooler, kids can learn the social skills necessary to play and work with other children. We help to develop the ability of your kid through various learning techniques available at our Euro Kids preschool center in Netaji Nagar Kolkata. Children of ages 2 plus are actively involved to participate in games that help to grow engagement among everyone.

Primary School Program (PEP) at Euro Kids

This program of the Euro Kids at Netaji Nagar Kolkata is for children from 2 to 6 years, focuses on the integral development of the student and their capacity for discovery and inquiry, both in class and in the world that surrounds them.
• Encourages students an international mindset.
• It instills a positive attitude toward learning.
• It encourages them to learn beyond the subjects.
• The PEP is a framework for structuring the learning activities of the entire school
The program gives great importance to learn about these topics:
• About us.
• Where we are in time and space.
• How we express ourselves
• How the world works
• How we organize ourselves
• How we share the planet
In this program, evaluation is an essential part of the program, since it not only focuses on the results but also offers the opportunity to reflect on what they are familiar with, what they know and what they can do.

Security of kids at Euro Kids

The safety of preschool children is of the utmost importance. Euro Kids at Netaji Nagar Kolkata are highly safe and provides utmost security to every kid present at our center.

Communication of students at Euro Kids:

• We promote the mother tongue and the use of the English language through oral, written and visual communication.
• Our education includes equal times (50%) for language development in English. Teachers of both languages share the responsibility for learning: Science, Social Studies and Personal and Social Development.
Our preschool students live the process of language acquisition by making the English language their own and developing:
• Communication and oral expression
• Auditory skills to identify the sounds of the English language.
• The confidence to start playing frequently used words, phrases, and sentences.
• The strategies to understand texts read aloud.
• The musicality of the language participating in songs, rhymes, poems, and dialogues.
Communication and written expression in Euro Kids at Netaji Nagar Kolkata
• The association of symbols and sounds to describe drawings, stories, ideas, and feelings.
• The reading strategies that allow approaching literature.
• The skills to graphically express ideas and conclusions in a directed and spontaneous way.

Gym and Sports at Euro Kids

Sports favors psychomotor development, knowledge and body care, as well as independence and self-confidence. Teachers in Euro Kids, Netaji Nagar Kolkata work in small groups according to the skills of the child, thus meeting the specific needs of each student to ensure their physical and
emotional safety.


Behala576/A/17 Diamond Harbour Road, (opposite Ashoka Cinema), Kolkata 700034, Mobile – 9836289033

Netaji Nagar:5/30A, Tollygunge, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata 700040, Mobile – 9836289033

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