How to become teacher in 2022

Teaching is a great career. Many of young aspirants post pandemic wish to get their dream teaching jobs. Teaching today is a lucrative career especially for women. There are lot of new teaching jobs created as schools have all started reopening. After School Nursery Teachers Training has been operating over 12 years and produced over … Read more

Admission open for pre-school in Kolkata(Eurokids)

Looking for best play school in Kolkata(Tollygunge & Behala). After School is ofereing best services and facilities for your kid. After School is partner to parents and students. We make it easier for parents by taking responsibility of children for good education, developing new skills and high engagement with children. For adults we provide job … Read more

Breathe Easy: Let your body make oxygen for you.

The blood  delivers oxygen to all  cells. When you breathe and draw fresh oxygen into your lungs, red blood cells bind with the oxygen and carry it through your bloodstream. On a cellular level, oxygen helps replace cells that wear out, supplies  energy and supports  immune system. Diet: Few antioxidant foods which boosts oxygen in body are like … Read more

Online Teacher Training Institute in Kolkata – After School

In the context of rapid socio economic, the present education system is not adequate to meet the growing demands of the changing economy. It is therefore felt that there is much need for growing children to have better systematic education by properly trained Montessori trained teachers. After School, Teacher Training institute under All India Early … Read more