How to Publish a Book in India?

Publishing a book can be possible in four available ways. Whereas each of the publishing processes has some PROs and CONs. It totally depends on you, the author. It is you who needs to take the call by carefully studying all the different ways of publishing before starting with any of the publishing options. There are many factors which you need to understand before you start sending manuscripts to various publishing houses.

The publishing industry is vast. And, the influencing factors are also enormous. The factors like the author’s target reader group which includes detailed analytics like age-group and interest level of the readers of your book are crucial. Your brand-value as an author, your over-all investment budget, the royalty (profit sharing) amount you are looking for are also very important factors you need to be clear about.

This article is just an attempt to give some idea to you regarding the option you can think about before crafting the game-plan for your book. And, if you feel lost, we are always there to help you via our free consultation call. No purchase required.

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