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Metal stitching is an ingenious technique used to repair cracks and fractures in metal structures such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, and machine casings. The process involves drilling a series of meticulously placed holes along the crack or fracture and then using premium-quality metal pins or stitches to draw the two sides of the crack … Read more

Process of metal stitching step-by-step – EkaPress Pvt. Ltd.

The metal stitching process involves the following steps: Identify the damage: The first step is to identify the location and extent of the damage. This may involve inspecting the component visually or using non-destructive testing methods to identify cracks or other defects. Prepare the surface: Once the damage has been identified, the surface of the … Read more

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At EKA Press Techno Services Pvt Ltd, we provide a range of specialized services for the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Our services include: Metal Stitching Metal stitching is a reliable and cost-effective method of repairing cracked or broken metal components. At EKA Press Techno Services Pvt Ltd, we offer metal stitching services as an alternative … Read more