The Verdict of Love: A Courtroom of Emotions

If only there were a court
For the trials of love,
I would be the advocate,
And even the lawyer.

You would be the judge,
Knocking on the doors of the court
For the sake of love,
In the middle of the night.

The court of love would open,
Preserving its own pain
Within the arguments,
And moments of anticipation.

Breaths quicken,
Storms arise within the chest,
Eyes well up with tears,
Lips bear a melancholic smile.

It reveals
The tale of love.

You become the honorable judge,
Repeating “Order, order,”
And I stand there,
Completely calm.

After hearing all the evidence,
And understanding it all,

You deliver the verdict,
The test of love must be conducted.

I decide,
To eternally craft
The majority vote
Of love.

My own
Government of love.

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